Today's current economic landscape is an environment in which many people take the leap to entrepreneurship and start their own freelancing businesses. As a freelancer field engineer , you can be sure that you have a lot of people, and you can make a big difference in your success.

It is fairly obvious that in order to be a successful freelance IT field engineer, you must have the knowledge, skills and expertise to do your job properly and efficiently. What is not as obvious is that there are other traits you must have in order to grow your customer base and remain a step ahead of the competition. Remember to always display these five features to existing and potential future customers:

Display a Professional Attitude
Showing professionalism, whether on the phone or in person, is critical to your success. A customer who gets the impression that you are not a professional field engineer from your appearance or how you talk to him will quickly turn to a competitor. Dress appropriately, and behave in a way befitting your station. Remember, you are there to perform a service - not to make friends - and you should strive to maintain a friendly working relationship.

Be Courteous to Your Customers
As a freelance field engineer, you will meet all kinds of people. Some you may like, and others you will not really care for. Some will be friendly, and others will give you a hard time. Some may ask dozens of questions, and others may leave you be. Regardless of how your clients act, you should always be courteous. You are the one being paid for your services, and you are the one expected to act in a professional manner.
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